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Non-destructive Bridge Measurement Techniques

Acoustic Impact Echo Scanning

Impact-echo testing is a technique that can be used to map delaminattion on concrete bridge decks. As bridges get older, the bridge decks need to be inspected, a process that, with the current techniques, is time consuming and can put the welfare of the bridge at risk. By dropping objects onto a bridge deck such as steel ball bearings or even water droplets, we can find discontinuities in the concrete with the signal that is received.


Our goal is to make impact-echo measurements inexpensive and fast while affecting the bridge deck as little as possible. Liquid droplets may prove to meet these requirements, and our research includes optimizing an apparatus for taking measurements and processing the signal produced by the impact.

Related Publications:

B. A. Mazzeo, A. N. Patil, and W. S. Guthrie. Acoustic impact-echo investigation of concrete delaminations using liquid droplet excitation. NDT&E International In Press (2012).